Piling Work Has Begun For the 2012 Olympics

August 25, 2009 by katieperry
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When the news broke that London had succeed in its bid for the 2012 Olympics, mass hysteria hit the capital. However, when the dust began to settle, our attention turned to the implications of taking on such a huge responsibility and how the UK’s construction industry would cope – anyone remember the Millennium Dome debacle?!

However, recent pictures released by The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) confirm that from piling to underpinning  the construction of the 2012 Olympic Village is well underway.

Piling work has begun

Piling work has begun

The village will hold the ‘big five’ main areas of the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Olympic Village, VeloPark and the International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre (IBC/MPC).

While initial plans for the Olympic village have been scaled down as a consequence of the recession, it will still be a sizeable development. Recent images reveal there will be space for nearly 20,000 beds, housed in eleven residential areas which will be converted into houses eventually. There are also plans for over 10 ha of recreational space, again which will be used productively after the games.

Matthew James, who worked at the Commonwealth Games held in Manchester 2003 comments: “The Athlete’s Village was such an important part of the games in 2003. The sophistication of that construction and the success of the development process, really set the tone for the whole event.”

Currently, the Olympic Village is providing employment for just over one thousand workers , however, this figure is expected to increase to just over four thousand as the games approach. Piling work has begun on all the major blocks and work on the Aquatics Centre is scheduled to start next month.


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