Piling Rig Working Platform Guide

July 30, 2010 by Harvey Banks
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It is important that working platforms for piling rig contractors are robust to ensure compliance with health and safety guidelines. Accidents are very dangerous on piling rig platforms and can often prove fatal. The platform needs to be stable to prevent it from settling into the ground under the weight and pressure of the piling equipment.

Piling rig working platforms are made from granular material that is crushed and compacted. For extra support geotextiles are also used. The thickness of the platform is decided by several factors. The rig type including the model, manufacturer and also how the machine is set up for use. The soil type and soil strength; whether it is cohesive (clay) or cohesionless (sand, gravel, most chalks)

Piling rig working platforms should be at least 2m longer than the construction area any ramp platforms should be should be at a safe and suitable angle. If it was necessary to remove any obstructions and holes were left then they must be backfilled properly so that there are no soft ground areas.

Ensure a safe piling rig working platform by following these guidelines and serious accidents will be avoided.


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