iPhone App for the Construction Industry

August 19, 2010 by Harvey Banks
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The company, SmartBuild Software, have developed an iPhone application which enables construction site managers to monitor the clean-up of their sites by sub-contractors. There is a wide spread problem of sub-contractors being either very slow when cleaning-up or simply leaving the site without doing it. This can result in the contractor incurring additional costs by employing extra staff to do the cleaning work.

The software was designed after research was carried out and it emerged that there was significant demand for a technological solution to the ongoing problem. The software is suitable for construction companies of all sizes. The app capabilities include recording and actioning a clean-up by a specific date or penalties are issued, sending warning notifications to workers and reporting on the performance of workers. The dashboard displays issues that are pending, late and resolved.

SmartBuild Software headquarters are at NovaUDC, Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre at University College Dublin. They are marketing their new products at the UK, UK and Irish market.


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