Grundomat Pile Driving Hammer

November 24, 2010 by Harvey Banks
Filed under: Grundomat Driven Piles 

Before beginning on any piling task, the location and ground condition must have been thoroughly researched to make sure that it is safe to proceed. Prefabricated ERW steel tubes are used to install piles and additional tubes can be added if needed. Dry concrete mix, or driving plug, is inserted into the starter tube, which is the initial tube with a pointed end.

Resistance is created at the driving end by electrically welding additional tubes to the original tubes. The resistance needed is calculated and measured in millimetres movements per second (the piling set.) The piles are then put into place from the pile head with a self-compacting concrete mix.

Grundomat piles can be used for a range of applications including underpinning, foundation piles for lightweight structures i.e. extensions, conservatories, fence post foundations and instrumentation holes


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