£3bn saving with the Construction Industry

December 24, 2010 by Harvey Banks
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Infrastructure UK has outlined improvements that could be made to increase efficiency and ultimately reduce building and infrastructure maintenance costs by 15%. The new initiative will involve the government and the construction industry developing a much more intimate working relationship.

The plan covers different areas including procurement improvements, increasing productivity, making process more efficient and encouraging fresh approaches to construction.

Investigation steering group chairman Terry Hill said: “Evidence from the investigation suggests a high degree of consensus that efficiency improvements can be achieved and that the infrastructure construction industry will respond positively to client side improvements in planning, commissioning and procurement of projects and programmes.”

It has been estimated that implementing the new plan could result in saving £3bn a year on civil engineering. There are currently unnecessary standards in place which hinder workflow and there is also a lack of data which results in difficulty over making investment decisions and setting targets for the future.


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