A building without foundation piling is soon demolished

January 21, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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That Chinese proverb may have been slightly altered for the sake of this blog, but it rings true. Foundation piling is what gives a vertical structure its stability and without it, the construction industry would be entirely different. The construction of buildings requires extensive planning, materials and expertise. Great architecture is generally appreciated by people; however, the unseen structural components remain unseen and therefore unacknowledged. Compared to residential projects, commercial buildings require more foundation piling work as the structures tend to be on a much larger scale. In fact, they are more often than not, a structure in themselves.

This requires construction workers with extensive knowledge and experience relating to foundation piling. These buildings need to be constructed to last indefinitely so must be designed to bear an enormous weight. Before foundation piling work begins, a Geotechnical engineer will analyse the area where the structure will be built. If ground conditions are poor, then the foundations will need to be laid deep into the ground.

Even with all planning avenues explored, there can often be unforeseen issues after foundation piling work has begun. This is when construction workers will need to use their extensive piling knowledge in order to find solutions to these problems.


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