A Brief History of Pile Driving Equipment

February 4, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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The process of creating solid foundations on which to build stable structures has been around for many years. However, over time, as technology has become more and more advanced and pile driving equipment has evolved to become what it is today. Construction engineers are always using their high level of expertise to make improvements to equipment and processes.

Pile driving was originally done by workers using their own strength to force piles into the ground. This would take some effort! During the 19th century, steam pile drivers helped to take some of the strain of pile driving through the use of energy transfer. The build up of pressurised steam would force the pile into the ground. This led to the use of diesel hammers which used energy from burning fuel.

It was not until buildings began to need rebuilding, did the realisation become apparent that it was extremely difficult to remove piles which had been embedded into the ground. (At least we know it had been done properly!) Enter the vibratory pile driver/extractor. The vibrations loosen the pile and reduce the friction between the pile and surrounding soil.


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