Choosing the right Piling Specialists

March 25, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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Whenever there is a new building project, the expertise if a piling specialist is required. However small, large, high or low a structure is, it needs to be supported at the foundations. Construction piling is the method used to strengthen the foundations of a building so that it will not move or collapse. Piling needs to be carried out in a way that ensures the foundations will last or the structure could be a serious hazard.

Piling is not just one fix-all solution; there are several different methods to choose on depending on some key factors, including the size and height of the building and the nature and condition of the surrounding soil. Driven piles and drilled piles are two such possibilities. This is why it is so important to find a qualified piling specialist to carry out the work and all necessary assessments of the site. There are also different safety and security needs depending on whether a building is a commercial, industrial or domestic project.

At MK Piling we have many years of piling experience and work closely with structural engineers, architects and building contractors to offer a piling service that is unmatched by anyone else. The combination of our in depth knowledge and use of advanced piling technology; means that we are the ideal choice for your construction project.


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