Foundation Piling Methods

March 18, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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Piling is mainly used for the construction of properties in order to strengthen the foundations around the structure. Properties are built to last so it is important to create a stable base for the building to rest on. The basic idea of foundation piling is to wall in piles which have been stacked up, to create a solid foundation.

Piles are usually made from reinforced concrete and pre-tensioned concrete. However, this has not always been the case, as previously piles were made from wood and other natural materials.

Driven piles tend to be made from concrete, although there are cases of wood or steel being used instead. Driven piles are a versatile solution to foundation piling as they can be adapted to suit properties of all different types. They can be placed in different shapes, including squares, octagons and rounded cross sections. Extra support is given by the piles being reinforced and being made pre-stressed concrete.

Bored piling is used to create piled walls, which are particularly useful for vertical basement excavation faces and water holding constructions. Small gaps need to be left between the piles, the size of which will depend on the condition of the soil. The features of the construction ground and the nature of the job will influence the type of piled wall that is built.


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