About Foundation Piling

May 27, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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Before commencing any foundation piling work it is necessary to carry out a thorough site investigation so that all potential risk factors can be dealt with. There are several different factors which need to be taken into consideration when carrying out a site investigation and these will determine whether or not foundation piling is a suitable method to be used.

Foundation piling is an ideal option to be used on sites where ground conditions are poor. Piling is used more and more as quality construction sites are available less and less. A pile consists of a rectangular slab of concrete which contains reinforced steel bars for extra strength. Piles differ in size, depending on the type of structure they will be supporting.

The piles are driven into the ground as far as they will go and then the tops are cut off. Enough steel is exposed so that the pile can be tied to the beams. A mud-mat or layer of concrete is then laid over the piles. Around the perimeter of the site, a retaining wall needs to be built which creates a trench into which the foundations will be poured.

When this section of the work has been completed, reinforced steel is put into the site and tied in place, forming a steel cage. The concrete foundations can then be poured in to complete the process. Once the foundation concrete has dried it is ready for building the structure. This is successful foundation piling!


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