Driven Piles for the Modern Age

May 13, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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Screw piles are the traditional method of foundation piling. However, as the construction industry and piling equipment has progressed, driven piles are now a popular alternative to screw piles. Driven piles are the ideal option for construction sites which have limited access or where the ground is particularly hard. Driven piles are a safe and cost-effective solution; they are quick and easy to install.

The method of installing driven piles is carried out using hydraulic hammers. The hydraulic hammers work by using an accelerated drop weight, along with side-mounted vibro hammers. Driven piles are available in different sizes, ranging from 457mm to 610mm. The size of the driven piles is dependent upon the size and weight of the structure, as the piles are required to support the building at the foundations.

Traditional piling methods are still widely used for tasks such as underpinning, low-displacement piling and vibration-free piling. Driven piles, however, benefit from being light-weight, require less site preparation, have high-productivity levels, are cost-effective and can be used for a wide range of ground conditions.


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