Finding Stability with Ground Anchors

May 6, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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Ground anchors provide buildings and other large structures with permanent stability. Ground anchors are installed into the soil foundations of a structure, usually via a grout body. There are numerous sorts of ground anchors available. The type of ground anchor used for each construction projects depends on certain factors, including soil quality, the surrounding environment, failure risk and construction requirements.

At MK Piling, we are experts in all matters relating to foundation piling. We only used the best and most technologically advanced piling equipment. For ground anchors, it is no different. The key aim of installing effective ground anchors into the foundations of a structure is to ensure its safety and durability, whether the ground anchors are being applied to a temporary or permanent structure.

Ground anchors are a reliable and cost-effective way of providing stability to a structure. They are a versatile option to choose as they can be used on stone and masonry structures, as well as slopes and embankments. At MK Piling, our piling experts can offer advice and answer any questions that you may have regarding ground anchors and any other type of foundation piling.


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