Only the Best Piling Equipment Will Do

July 15, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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Piling is a critical part of the construction process which is why it is crucial that good quality piling equipment is used in order to get the job done safely and efficiently. There are many different types of piling equipment available so they type of piling required needs to be defined before the piling equipment is decided upon. Another factor when determining what piling equipment to use is what material the piles are made from. Most piles are made from wood, steel or concrete.

There are several different piling methods available which can be displacement pile driving or non-displacement piling. The size and weight of the piles are two of the most important factors when deciding upon a method of piling. Resistance, accessibility and noise restrictions are also considerations which must be taken into account when choosing a piling method and, therefore, appropriate piling equipment.

The use of the correct piling equipment, method and materials is integral to the safety and durability of a structure. Don’t cut any corners to save time or money as it could jeopardise the whole construction project.


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