Put up a Barrier with Sheet Piling

August 19, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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Sheet piling is a method which is used to create a barrier. A sheet piling barrier is created from interlocking sheets of steel and is a different type of driven piling. The interlocking steel sheet piles then form retaining walls.

Sheet piles are driven directly into the ground using piling equipment such as vibratory hammers. The barrier that is formed by the sheet piles is impermeable which means that it prevents water from seeping through. Sheet piles are drilled into the ground until the sheet piles stand at approximately two thirds below the ground, with the remaining third above ground level. Depending what your requirements are, sheet piles can are available in a wide range of sizes. Taller sheet piles require a back anchor that is inserted into the soil at a specific distance behind the wall – this provided additional support.

Sheet piling is a method used to ensure that retaining walls maintain a sturdy presence and continue to provide unfailing support to a structure.


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