Different Types of Mini Piling

Mini piling is a piling solution that is commonly used where access on a building site is tight but piling is still needed in order to prepare the ground before anything can be built on top of it. There are several different types of mini piling available, each of which is slightly different and so can be used for slightly different purposes.

Drop Weight Mini Piling
This is a type of mini piling that is especially useful on projects where there is only limited headroom and so not a lot of space to work in. For instance, housing developments can often make use of drop weight mini piling.

Bored Case Mini Piling
By contrast, one of the main benefits of this type of mini piling is that it can help to keep vibrations to a minimum, which is more important on some sites than others. If there is sensitive equipment or wildlife nearby that shouldn’t be disturbed, for example, bored case mini piling could be an option.

Grundomat Driven Mini Piling
This is a type of mini piling that is popularly used when access is difficult but there is a need to keep noise and disruption to a minimum, such as for house extensions.

As all building projects are slightly different, the type of mini piling required will also differ; it’s always worth getting professional advice to make sure you get the type of mini piling that’s right for you.


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