What are Mini Pile Foundations?

September 2, 2011 by Harvey Banks
Filed under: Mini Piling 

Mini pile foundations work on a similar principal to other types of piling except, as the name suggests, they tend to be used on projects where a smaller scale is necessary. The purpose of mini pile foundations is to prepare the ground so that it can support the weight of a building; the mini pile has to be driven down into the ground so that the concrete foundations can then be poured on top of it in the normal fashion.

This type of mini pile foundation is often used on smaller construction sites, such as house extensions. For instance, if you were to get a conservatory that required foundations or were to extend your house outwards, it would be likely that mini pile foundations would be used.

Mini pile foundations can also be used as an alternative in some situations where environmental concerns play a role. Their primary function, though, is to allow an effective piling solution even in situations where access is tight, ensuring that all construction projects can be catered for and leading to safer and more efficient procedures.


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