What is the Purpose of Foundation Piling?

September 16, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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Everyone knows that before you can construct a building on a site, the foundations have to be laid first. This, however, requires the ground in question to be in a certain condition and ready to take the load of the building on top of it. Sometimes this isn’t the case and so foundation piling provides a solution that readies the ground for building.

Foundation piling is used to provide a firmer base by walling in layers of soil. Commonly this is done by driving down piles into the ground where the building is due to be constructed. The number and type of foundation piling used for each job will differ, so it is definitely worth talking to experienced piling professionals if you ever find yourself in need of piling.

Some foundation piling is made out of wood, but more commonly it tends to be made out of either steel or concrete. There are also different types of foundation piling available for projects where there isn’t much space or the area is hard to access, such as mini piling, which is commonly used for house extensions and smaller property developments.


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