What is Sheet Piling?

November 11, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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As you may well know, there are different types of piling available to suit different construction jobs. One of these types is sheet piling, which has a very specific purpose in construction. Read on to find out more.

Typically, sheet piling is used to create a wall surrounding the area of construction. Depending on the needs of the specific job, this wall can either be temporary or permanent. Sheet piles can be found in a range of heights and thicknesses, and the walls are created by interlocking the piles. Sheet piling has two main purposes: to add protection or hide the construction site.

One of the main purposes of sheet piling is to prevent cave-ins. This is something that can be a risk if a construction job is taking place on soft ground. The sheet piling protects the ground and the construction site, allowing work to continue while reducing the risk of problems. It can also prevent flooding on building sites – something that really matters in a country with so much rain.

This means that sheet piling is very versatile and so it is often used in construction jobs. Metal sheet piling is the most popular variety, but it can also be made out of wood or vinyl depending on the needs of the specific job.


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