Foundation piling in cold weather

December 12, 2011 by Harvey Banks
Filed under: Piling News 

Foundation piling presents its own obstacles during the colder months, as the interaction between the foundations and the ground around them can change significantly – particularly during extended periods of sub-zero temperatures.

If using concrete piles, for instance, pre-cast piles delivered from off-site can help to avoid the issue of the water freezing in freshly poured concrete before it has chance to harden.

Meanwhile, foundation piling in permafrost ground allows the temperature itself to become a beneficial factor – the shear forces between the foundation piles and the frozen ground add to the strength of the structure.

It is therefore important to know from the outset what kind of foundation piling you need for a particular project – and how the changing weather conditions year-round might affect their strength.

We can supply pre-cast concrete piles or pour fresh concrete on-site, with underpinning an option where poor ground conditions complicate the installation of your foundations.

Similarly, we offer soil nailing to stabilise slopes and banks, which can help to ensure ground frozen in winter does not become unstable as the warmer weather arrives in the new year.


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