Professional construction piling contractors can put safety fears to rest

September 14, 2012 by Harvey Banks
Filed under: Piling News 

Professional construction piling contractors can not only make sure that the foundations of your next project are safe and secure; they can also make sure the work itself is carried out with health and safety in mind.

Whether that means using mini piling rigs to reduce the vibration risks to surrounding people and buildings, or using modern underpinning methods to keep less-stable ground in place, piling contractors are experienced in all of the most commonly encountered issues, and how to overcome them.

And hiring professional construction piling contractors to do the work for you not only demonstrates a commitment to high standards in health and safety, and in the quality of your work – it could also relieve some of the stress for decision makers at the top level.

Recent figures from Zurich Insurance show health and safety is a concern for 28% of top-level decision makers, who feel their lives would be easier if less red tape surrounded the issue.

In fact, construction ranks as the second-highest industry where red tape is a problem, with 75% of firms surveyed citing regulations surrounding health and safety, employment, pensions and other such issues as a problem.

Richard Coleman, director of SME at Zurich Insurance, says many firms would not want to compromise on health and safety, but adds: “UK SMEs are clearly looking for simplification to focus on what they do best – fuelling economic growth.”


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