Concrete Pile Foundations create Stable Structures

February 25, 2011 by Harvey Banks · Comments Off
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Concrete piles are used to make sure that a foundation is deep enough, by being driven into the ground. The concrete piles connect to the footers of the foundation, so for some construction projects, many concrete piles are used. The concrete piles also maintain the stability of the building or structure by distributing the weight of it, once construction has been completed.

Deep concrete piling foundations are needed for a variety of different uses. If the building being constructed is on a large scale, then a deep foundation is crucial to ensure optimum stability. Deep piling is also required if the condition of the soil is poor, as it will be unable to support the weight of a building or structure so it is anchored to a bedrock as an alternative.

Concrete pile foundations can be installed using two different methods. The first option is to drill and cast the concrete pile on site. The other choice is by driving a pre-formed pile into the ground, using reinforced, pre-stressed or precast concrete.

Concrete piles are not only used for deep foundations; they can also be used to reinforce walls, temporarily or permanently. Concrete piles can also provide support for levees and other structures which could collapse.