Reap the Benefits of Mini Piling

March 4, 2011 by Harvey Banks
Filed under: Mini Piling 

There are many different types of piling options available to contractors today. One of these is mini piling which has been derived from the screw pile. Mini piling has become increasingly popular for the more difficult projects as they have many advantages over more traditional piling methods. One of the main benefits of mini piles is that they can be implemented in much smaller spaces, overcoming many difficulties.

Mini piles are ideal for use where there are poor ground conditions as there is no need for excavation or removal of soil. For certain projects, traditional piles are simply too heavy to be used. Mini piles are a much lighter option that can be utilised in such instances. Mini piling should be used when vibration should be avoided and when only specialised equipment should be used i.e. when access is restricted. Mini piles are also appropriate for use when there are environmental concerns over a construction project.

Mini piling is versatile, durable, reliable and cost-effective which makes it a fantastic alternative to more traditional piling option.


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