Standing Strong with a Retaining Wall

May 20, 2011 by Harvey Banks
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The implementation of a retaining wall will give the required support for a building when it is being constructed on sloping or uneven ground. A well designed retaining wall will also provide a drainage system so that water runs away from the structure and reduce hydrostatic pressure. Pairing a retaining wall with the procedure of soil nailing will reinforce the retaining wall further. Soil nailing is undertaken by drilling steel tendons into the soil and grouting them.

It is essential to undergo extensive planning when designing a retaining wall as all construction projects differ. The retaining wall needs to be substantial enough to suit the ground that it is being installed in. If the retaining wall is not designed or installed correctly then the result will be that the wall will eventually collapse. The level of pressure should be at its lowest at the top of the wall and gradually increase towards the base.

There are several different materials which retaining walls can be constructed with including stones, concrete blocks, wooden planks and logs. There are several factors which need consideration when designing a retaining wall such as its height, soil type, the angle of the slope and whether any heavy weight is going to be located near to the slope i.e. structures and/or vehicles.


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