Make your Retaining Wall stronger with Soil Nailing

February 18, 2011 by Harvey Banks · Comments Off
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Soil nailing is a technique which is used for retaining walls and other projects, as a way of reinforcing the soil. Soil nailing can be used as a solution for both permanent and temporary retaining walls. As part of soil nailing, the slope or wall which is required to be stabilised first needs to be predrilled. Long steel rods are then put in place and grouted in firmly to hold the soil in place. If the soil contains corrosive elements, then the steel rods need to be coated in anti-corrosives to protect them. To give the soil optimum stability, a covering later fixes the rods in place.

Soil nailing has a wealth of advantages. It is ideal when working on sites which have a limited amount of space, as there is little need of room to manoeuvre. Soil nailing can follow irregular and tight corners, as well as providing stability to the wall from the top to the bottom. This means that the soil can be secured whilst workers continue to dig down deeper.

After the soil nailing has been completed, shortcrete is commonly used to secure the reinforcing rods. There are also other options used by construction workers, such as creating a green or living wall. The type of retaining wall used depends on the environment of the construction.